Prior to construction being completed on Model Home.
Construction complete on building, prepping site before planting.
During the planting process.
Model Home Planting Project Complete.
Below is the pictures for the progression of the Lifestyle Homes of Charlotte "Model Home" project.  If you click on the picture, you will get a larger view.
The entire landscaping project was completed in a four day time span.  There is a nice variety of shrubs and flowers surrounding the building and parking lot.  
We started out with a very of hearty bush called a Compacta Holly surrounding the parking lot.  In front of the handicapped parking spaces, we decided to use a taller, faster growing bush called a "Myrica" or Wax Myrtle" for screening purposes.  In the front of the building three Lorapetulum's were placed on each side of the entrance.
On the left side of the building, along the outer edge of the sidewalk is a row of evenly spaced Kaleidoscope Abelia's.  Then on the inner edge of the sidewalk are a mixture of Variegated and Big Blue Liriope.  
Along the backside of the building we went with another hearty bush called a Carrisa Holly, due to the sun exposure being so high.
Moving to the right side of the building is where the real magic is.  Starting at the front corner is a Natchez Crepe Myrtle with a Nandina on either side and two Gold Mop False Cypress's behind the "Myrtle."  In front of the Myrtle to an angle on either side is a group of pansy's planted in a triangular shape.  If you move to the middle of the building in front of the bay window is a half moon shape of beautifully placed pansy's outlined by a row of Variegated Liriope.
To either side of this display of colorful flowers is a group of three Pink Hawthorne's with a row of four Encore Azalea's behind them.  At the back corner of the house, is a Dynamite Crepe Myrtle placed at an angle.
All of the beds of plants and flowers were lined with a commercial grade filter fabric and a 3" layer of Pine Needles.  Also, an irrigation system was installed for proper care.
Kaleidoscope Abelia's
Kaleidoscope Abelia's with grouping of Liriope
Moon shaped Pansy's, outlined with Liriope
2 Gold Mops in rear, Natchez Myrtle in center with 2 Nandina's on either side and 2 grouping of Pansy's
Overview of "Model Home" project
Front is 3 Pink Hawthorne's and 4 Encore Azalea's in the back
Kaleidoscope Abelia's
Myrica also known as a Wax Myrtle
Compacta Holly's
Carrisa Holly's
spec- home new construction landscaping
welker street new construction 
late fall work 2011
new sod and design installation landscaping
including rock installation under back deck.